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Apart from other applications, people need a reliable but useful news app to read. Of course, NDTV News app is very familiar because of its unique features. Users prefer it based on popular live channels and so on. It gives outstanding benefits to people who want to read latest information around the world. It is very positive for many of us to read them in a handy app. As a result, you can download it from 9apps store by latest stories and videos. The NDTV News is very familiar by sharing its concepts. It depends on user-friendly experience that invites everyone to gets attention on you on funny platform. You can learn latest stories depend on award-winning experts and others. It can combine with any categories such as entertainment, and others. Therefore, you must read it quickly by finding out live cricket scores as well as stock markets. NDTV News app is so far guiding with popular breaking news and top stories likewise. You must read out the latest things updated with popular apps. It gives 100% satisfaction, and it let you focus on a funny app. On the other hand, breaking headlines, top stories are a significant thing we can get it from this NDTV News app.


  • You can get daily updates to your mobile number
  • Get notifications whenever you want to see them
  • Users readout city news and popular stories in a single click
  • It shows full coverage of India and international news events
  • Watching top videos from any categories without any hassles
  • Users share them via social networks and more
  • One can get latest photos and audio news stream
  • Anyone can read headlines of their convenience
  • Share options readily available for Live TV

Latest Apk Version:

  • 7.4.3
  • 7.4.2
  • 7.4.1
  • 7.4.0